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About This Project
         One of the greatest joy an illustrator can feel is when the books/products they worked on so hard, are being published and shared with the world, ready to be purchased and live in different homes and environments. Bringing colors to the reader’s life and enriching their knowledge, being personal with you, with just a few pages and some illustrations. Something that you can always go back to and relive the message it shares with you. These are some exciting projects I’ve worked on and I hope the illustrations reflect my joy I felt while working on them.

         I am thankful to Loredana Bejan for working on this wonderful project. It’s an illustrated card series with poems for kids, that helps developing their attention and memory. The lovely poems were written by Loredana, and were illustrated by me. It was printed by Metropolis Typography And Publishing Company, and it’s a product of Jucarii Vorbarete, you can find and purchase this kit here.
         The second one is a personal project created by me in 2015, soon to be published. It’s a memory game for children and adults too, helps to develop memory and attention.