Hi, I am Gyöngyi Balogh (Jean). An illustrator based in Romania (Transylvania).

          I fell in love with the richly illustrated colorful pages of manuals early in the first grade and since that, art has always been my passion, a way to create order in my thoughts and to express myself.

          I love to experiment and try out different mediums, observing the world around me and learning new things. Currently my favorite medium is watercolor, I love to paint and play with colors, trying to create something pretty. I believe the world is full of beauty and I would love to be someone who expresses it in unique artworks. My main inspirations are nature, people, children stories and everything lovely and worthy of sharing with the world.

          When I am not working, I love to play my piano, sing, ride my bike, walk and spend time in the nature, play with our cheeky dog Sophie and our three cats: Felix, Cirmi and Matilda. Besides creating art, I love to take photos and cook.

          I worked with many clients on amazing projects, I am currently working on children’s books.

          Feel free to contact me: [email protected]

          You can support me through purchasing something from my SHOP.

          Thank you for your interest in my works and for being part of my journey!